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General Health Information

National Health Service


Patients Forum

Care Quality Commision (CQC)

Blood Transfusion Service

NHS Organ Donor Register

General Practice Notebook – A UK Medical Encyclopaedia

Surgery Door – A patient advice site

Internet Drug Database

National Institute for Clincal Excellence

National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children


Notts NHS App

WHO – The World Health Organisation

Patient – UK

Patient Association

Department of Health

Citizens Advice Bureau

Equlity and Human Right Commission

King’s Fund – An independent health policy charity

National Associations, Groups & Information Pages

Action on Smoking and Health (ASH)

ADD Information Services (ADDISS) – Attention Deficit Disorder

Age Concern England

AIDS/HIV:Terence Higgins Trust

Alzheimer’ s Disease Society

Arthritis Care

Arthritis Research Campaign

Asthma & Allergy Research

National Asthma Campaign

Anthony Nolan Trust

National Autistic Society

Royal National Institute for the Blind

Breastfeeding Network

Breastfeeding Advice Page

Carers Federation

Colon Cancer Concern

Coeliac Society

National Association for Colitis and Crohn’s (NACC)

British Colostomy Association

Cystic Fibrosis Trust

Royal National Institute for Deaf People


Disabled Living Foundation

Royal Association for Disability and Rehabilitation (RADAR)

Down’s Syndrome Association

British Dyslexia Association

Easy Health

National Eczema Society


Gingerbread – for lone parent families

Haemophilia Society

Headway – UK national charity for head injury

British Heart Foundation

Help The Aged

Hepatitis Network

Huntingdon’s Disease Association

IBS Network – Irritable Bowel Syndrome


UK National Kidney Federation

British Liver Trust

British Lung Foundation

Lymphoma Association

Marie Stopes – for family planning

ME Association


Meningitis Research Foundation

National Meningitis Trust

Mental Health Foundation

Miscarriage Association

MIND – for mental health problems

Multiple Sclerosis Society

NCT – National Childbirth Trust

National Osteoporosis Society


Palliative Care

Perthes Association

Prostate Help Association

Rheumatoid Arthritis Support Network (RASN)

RELATE – for relationship problems

RETHINK for severe mental illness formerly National Schizophrenia Fellowship

SANE – Charity concerned with mental illness

SCOPE – for cerebral palsy

Shelter – A charity for the Homeless

Sickle Cell Society

Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths (SIDS) – Cot Death

Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus

UK Thalassaemia Society

British Thoracic Society

British Tinnitus Association

Twins & Multiple Births Association

Royal College of Psychiatrists Weblinks

Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia

Behavioural Therapies



Children and Young People

Complimentary and Alternative Medicine

Debt and Mental Health


Drugs and Alcohol

Eating Disorders



General Health Advice

General Mental Health Advice

Learning/Developmental Disabilities

Manic Depression


Mental Health Act

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Patients’ Rights

Personality Disorder

Phobias and Anxiety

Physical Activity and Exercise

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Professional Bodies


Research and Policy Organisations